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Sr. Technical Product Owner

RemoteUnited States, Michigan, Traverse CityProduct

Job description

Superformula is adding to our team of creative, passionate people who want to lead the charge in revolutionizing and educating how our partners create digital products. Our teams work on building valuable products and services, combining the best of discovery, design, engineering, testing, and experimenting for internal and external customers. If you’re looking to work with talented team members leading digital transformations and promoting a product-driven mindset, we are interested in building a connection with you!

In addition to this Senior Technical Product Owner role, we are also looking for Senior Product Managers. If you believe this would be a better fit because of your strong product background with less of a focus on engineering-specific experience, be sure to check out the requirements and expectations for Sr. PMs.

Job requirements

You are the ideal candidate for this role if you:

  • have worked within large enterprises relying on legacy systems and platforms
  • are experienced in helping your engineering team thrive for multiple years
  • have set the example with executives and stakeholders on how to prioritize competing opportunities.
  • strive to be a master at creating informative documentation that enables a shared understanding of how their complex system will be integrated and eventually migrated over to greenfield components.
  • deeply value monitoring the health of their technology as well as the effectiveness of the solution when it comes to customer use and insights.


  • Patient with educating and training peers about the benefits of OKRs to the features which make the most impact
  • Find and organize the data required to assemble an analytics dashboard that can be used to inform product decisions, evaluate experiments, and monitor the health of the components
  • Perform detailed and useful PO reviews of the work engineering produces
  • Work with leadership, engineering, and system architects to appropriately capture feature requests, use cases, POC requests, and to organize them into prioritized user stories with reliable acceptance criteria
  • Manage changes and conflicts, remove engineering team roadblocks, and anticipate bottlenecks before they occur
  • Comfortable driving discussions with senior stakeholders to create and organize opportunities, shape and rank them
  • Enjoys producing documentation of complex software systems so that team members are able to understand the intricacies of the various levels of the system as well as how they could effectively make changes to it
  • Forms close working relationships with development, engineering, infrastructure, and networking teams
  • Serves as SME when it comes to the analysis of technical value and technical challenges
  • Ensure the technical delivery of the roadmap and impacts are well communicated with stakeholders


  • Background in Computer Science or Software Engineering.
  • Advanced engineering and architecture documentation skills (having a portfolio demonstrating both is a plus).
  • High technical acumen, while also comfortable finding better ways to educate and align with those less technical.
  • Deeper familiarity with the nuances and inner workings of the engineering organization.
  • Comfortable evaluating and assessing solutions and estimates from engineers.
  • Experienced in reviewing and improving technical specifications, architecture, networking plans, security, scalability, and infrastructure activities.
  • Understand the latest technology trends and how they could impact delivery roadmaps.
  • Has experience leveraging application performance and data analytics across various systems in order to make the best decisions for the product.
  • BONUS: Comfortable navigating legacy codebases to understand the inner workings and reverse engineer business logic

The role will be fully remote with working hours of +/- 2 hours of EST.